Expert opinion

An essential step in a Data project?

The implementation of a data project often represents a considerable effort.

It involves the mobilization and coordination of many business and IT teams, changes across the information systems (IS) architecture, and can be costly if course changes are made along the way.

The question can then arise: how can a management team validate the strategy imagined and its relevance to the realities on the ground?

This is the role of the P.O.V. (Proof Of Value): it allows the concrete implementation of a data project by concentrating efforts on a limited scope. For example, with customer data only on two or three information systems.

The interest of the P.O.V. is multiple:

On the operational side, it will allow teams to become familiar with the concepts of data and with a project approach. In addition, conducting such an approach on a controlled perimeter will have beneficial effects on the confidence that these same teams will give to the future project. In addition, the production of a first tangible thanks to a P.O.V. will allow the presentation of exploitable results to the trades. It will thus be possible to demonstrate to them the value of a data project and thus win their support.

For the integrator, the P.O.V. is an opportunity to immerse themselves in the customer context. Understanding the issues and problems via a POV can greatly facilitate the framing of a larger project. The relevance of the proposed solutions and the actors mobilized will then be increased.

Finally, at the strategic level, the P.O.V. is a validation tool. It makes it possible to test the strategic orientation, the viability of the technological choices and even the good cohesion of the actors (integrator, business, MOA, etc.). At the end of a P.O.V., it will be possible to make adjustments and arbitrations to improve the relevance of a project.

Finally, it must be borne in mind that a P.O.V. is a real gain from an economic point of view. It requires only limited resources and its implementation will have a significant impact on the framing of the data project.

Where a “good” P.O.V. can represent an expense of 20 or 30K €, a wobbly project may cost 100 times more!